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Traveling with your child Aug 25

Traveling with your ADHD child

Hooray, it’s vacation time! You made your plans, selected your holiday destination, and even booked your stay at the accommodation. But how do you manage things with the special needs of your kid? Did you pack Synaptol to relive the ADHD symptoms? Here are our tips for a great vacation when traveling with your ADHD child, tips that you can find even on

Taking a vacation with your special needs child

Sometimes, the symptoms become unbearable. Your kid is inattentive, with episodes of hyperactivity, and standing still while on the road is often impossible. Based on the information mentioned on, the people with ADHD are impulsive, and your little one will have problems organizing himself. That’s why it’s best to pack their luggage and be confident that you will not forget his medication.

Synaptol will reduce the severity of the ADHD symptoms. The ingredients included in the natural product work wonders for children who frequently lose their things and are easily distracted. Along with Synaptol, pack some chewing gum and healthy snacks that will keep your child busy on the way to your vacation destination. Plus, be prepared with fidget toys, the favorite music playlist, and the iPod or phone to get your kid’s attention.

If you travel by plane, plan the flight during your child’s typical nap time. You will stay relaxed, too, and your hair won’t gain a few extra gray hairs on your travel. In case it is not possible, but your baby is old enough to know about the consequences of his actions, have behavioral management programs and reward your kid every half an hour if he shows appropriate. You will soon arrive at your accommodation, and you will start enjoying your holiday.

Why should you pack Synaptol when traveling?

The natural ingredients included in the Synaptol formula will offer safe relief to inattentiveness, fidgeting, impulsiveness, and other behavioral problems. When you use the ADHD treatment on a regular basis, you can rest assured that your kid will act appropriately on your vacation. The homeopathic product absorbs quickly into the system and ensures a fast response. When you want to calm down your son, try to stick to parts of your routine and administer the usual Synaptol dosage.

Avoid exhaustion and adjust the medications to the new time zone or different habits. Perhaps you will sleep more on your vacation. Therefore, give the Synaptol treatment later in the morning and do what it takes so that it would be effective later in the evening. Your child will enjoy the time spent on your holiday, and you will minimize the stress.

With some strategic preparation and thorough planning, you will have a wonderful vacation together. Do you travel abroad, or just want a small disruption to your routine? Changing the environment and even the climate could benefit your children. Be certain that you pack all the necessary items, and you don’t forget the Synaptol and other medication, as well.

Traveling with your ADHD child can turn into an incredible adventure. You can practice the therapy sessions together and bond a stronger connection, too. Did you find a great place to stay? Get ready for the best time of the year!

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Mount Lanaya Dec 02

Mt. Lanaya (Kalo-Kalo Peak) via Legaspi Trail Alegria, Cebu

Mt. Lanaya of Alegria which stands 720+ meters above sea level (MASL) is dubbed as the "toughest" mountain to climb in Cebu. Since I have never been to this mountain before, I tried to research over the internet about what to expect, the trail and how to get there. All blogs that I have stumbled has something in common - everyone agrees that arguably its the hardest climb in Cebu with a constant 50-60 degrees non-stop ascent from the foot up to the summit and that a rope is necessary for the climb. But instead of getting discouraged, this pumped up my blood and excitement of checking this mountain and experienced the ruthless and merciless Legaspi trail of Mt. Lanaya.

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Albay Caramoan Apr 09

Albay-Caramoan, Camarines Sur 6D/5N Itinerary, Budget and Expenses

Two months after I finally got the courage to hand my resignation letter to my manager, I immediately packed my bag and had a short jaunt or solo escapade to Bicol region (Albay and Camarines Sur). Bicol specifically Albay is known for the infamous and majestic Mayon Volcano while the latter gained popularity because of wake boarding and the the island of Caramoan which is as well under the jurisdiction of Camarines Sur which became known not only in the Philippines, but internationally because it became the setting of various foreign Survivor TV series.

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How to go to Camiguin Jun 18

How to go to Camiguin

Camiguin Island would always be one of my favorite Philippine province. I have spent 2 full days in the island but it was not enough to explore its wonders. I just love the laid-back tropical atmosphere that would let you experience total solitude, away from the crowd and worries. But before you get to experience all these, you have to figure out how to get there first.

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White Island in Camiguin Oct 13

The White Island in Camiguin

It is safe to say that the White Island in Camiguin is one of the most beautiful beach in the country. The beauty of this sandbar which changes in shape depending on the tide is enhanced by Mt. Hibok-Hibok as its backdrop.

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Philippines budget airlines Jul 10

Budget Airlines at a Glance

Upon looking at the top ten list of carriers operating in the Philippines, the budget airlines have been ranked higher than Philippine Airlines, the longest running (and probably the most trustworthy) airline we have in the country. With the exception of delays, most of the carriers offer good services and are quite reliable in terms of getting you from A to point B without spending nearly as much as you would with PAL.

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Windmills Ilcos Norte Dec 01

The Windmills of Bangui, Ilocos Norte

Wow! was the first word i utter after seeing the breathtaking and gigantic Windmills in Bangui, Ilocos Norte. This project was spearheaded by Bong-Bong Marcos. I should say that Marcoses contributed great infrastructures in the country - the Patapat Viaduct, and San Juanico Bridge to name some.

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Mt. Kanlaon Dec 12

Mt. Kanlaon via Mapot-Mananawin (Masulog) | Itinerary and Budget

What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. - Rene Daumal

Since I got addicted to mountain climbing, Mt. Kanlaon has been on my top priority list of mountain to climb next to Mt. Apo which is the highest peak in the Philippines. Last February I survived the freezing temperature of Mt. Pulag, the highest mountain in Luzon and after that feat I said to myself that I will be climbing every single mountain in the country as possible, or perhaps the top highest mountain in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and the a mountain which is categorized as 9/9 in terms of its level of difficulty. I did not expect that I will be striking out Mt. Kanlaon in my bucket list on the same year I conquered Mt. Pulag, considering that I am a freelance mountaineer.

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Mount Babag Nov 20

Climbing Mt. Babag (RCPI Tower)

Mt. Babag of barangay Sapangdaku, Cebu City stands 750+ meters above sea level making it the highest peak in Cebu City. Nowadays, Mt. Babag becomes the playground of Cebuano trekkers/mountaineers during weekends because of its accessibility from the city. This mountain also serves as a training ground in preparing for a major climb because of its steep and arduous trail especially if you are trekking via the Napo-Ernie's trail. There are two recommended camping sites: one in Manwel's Peak and the other one is at Camp Chalet because it is located just above the former Swiss Chalet Restaurant. Camp Chalet could be loaded with campers during weekends because it is pretty much accessible from Mountain View and relatively safer. Apart from that, Camp Chalet also provides a breathtaking view of the city especially at night.

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Mount Manunggal Nov 01

Mt. Mauyog Traverse to Mt. Manunggal | Itinerary and Budget

Unlike Osmena peak and Mt. Manunggal, there's not a bunch of photos or itinerary can be found in Google if you try searching for "Mt. Mauyog." Not known to many Mt. Mauyog is just an hour away from the historical Mt. Manunggal, but the trail is way more challenging.

Since its less trodden, the trail is puzzling and covered with crawling and thorny plants. The soil is also loose and full of giant ants. Then we reached a small flat ground where a lone guava tree grew. I do not think that was the campsite because the area is too small. As we go higher, the trail becomes steeper and narrower where at times we need to take off our backpacks because it could stuck on the thorny shrubs/vines. Apart from that, we need to scramble some slippery rocks (taller than an average man) that is covered with red mosses. To avoid falling off the rock, we removed our sandals and grip any crevice to sustain our balance.

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Philippines highest points Oct 15

Climbing the Highest Peak in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

My love for the mountains started in 2011 after I solo backpack Zambales. It was an unplanned climb, because I was there not physically torture myself, but to bum and chill at the fine sand of Anawangin Cove. The decision of climbing Mt. Pundaquit (despite the typhoon signal) gave birth to this new hobby, mountain climbing. After that climbed, I dream of climbing the three highest mountains in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. That's how ambitious I am.

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Dumaguete Tour Aug 01

5D/4N Iloilo-Antique-Boracay-Guimaras-Bacolod-Dumaguete Itinerary

In just a matter of 5 days we were able to visit 6 provinces (Iloilo, Antique, Aklan, Guimaras, Bacolod, and Dumaguete). Seemed impossible but we did it. We flew from Cebu to Iloilo on our first day and wander around Iloilo City and the neighboring town of Miag-ao. Afterwards, he headed to Antique were we stayed overnight at Kayak Inn. On our second day, we take a bus from Antique bound for Boracay and spent few hours until sunset and then back to Caticlan to ride the last trip bound for Iloilo. On our 3rd day, we take a ferry from Ortiz Wharf to the Province of Guimaras and late afternoon we get back to Iloilo and immediately ride a fast craft ferry bound for Bacolod which is our 5th province. At 12MN we take midnight bus bound for Dumaguete where we stayed for 1 full day then return to our province Cebu on our 5th day.

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