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Pico de Loro

Pico de Loro: Guide and Itinerary

Pico de Loro is located in Cavite and is the highest point within the boundary of Cavite and Batangas. It stands at 664 meters above sea level (MASL). Mountaineers rated Pico de Loro as a minor climb with a difficulty level of 3/9. In my personal assessment, the first few parts of the trail is relatively easy but as the trekking progresses, the trail also becomes difficult and steep. There were trail signs (color red, pink and white) knotted on tree branches so be keen in finding it to avoid getting lost. Other signs (arrows pointing to the exact direction) were drawn on the trunk of the trees. I also noticed that the terrain is rocky so make sure you are using a durable trekking shoes/slippers/sandals.

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Philippines budget airlines

Budget Airlines at a Glance

Upon looking at the top ten list of carriers operating in the Philippines, the budget airlines have been ranked higher than Philippine Airlines, the longest running (and probably the most trustworthy) airline we have in the country. With the exception of delays, most of the carriers offer good services and are quite reliable in terms of getting you from A to point B without spending nearly as much as you would with PAL.

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Caramoan guide

How to Go to Caramoan | Guide and Itinerary

Few weeks after I finally got the courage of submitting my resignation letter and bid goodbye to corporate slavery, I've already planned of visiting Caramoan which gain popularity worldwide after it hosted various series of the hit reality show "Survivor."

I flew to Legaspi from Cebu and spent there for 3D/2N. Its been my childhood dream destination to see and witness the almost perfect cone Mayon Volcano. Apart from the spectacular landscape scenery in Albay, i was also able to explore some caves and tastes their famous delicacies like "pinangat, bicol express and chili-flavored ice cream."

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Aguinid Falls

Aguinid Falls in Samboan Cebu

Cebu is not a place you typically associate with grand, majestic, cascading water features. In Cebu, Kawasan Falls has set the bar so high that many beautiful waterfalls go unnoticed and under-appreciated, but there are many hidden waterfalls to be found. The positive side about being lesser known can only be a good thing for preserving their natural beauty. In this post, I will be featuring one of the hidden gem of southern Cebu - Samboan. So pack your bags and experience Aguinid Falls of Samboan, Cebu.

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Hundred Islands guide

Hundred Islands: Travel Itinerary, Guide and Budget

Hundred islands is the most popular tourist destination in Pangasinan. This small national park contains 123 islands during high tide and 124 islands on low tide, but some of these islands are just huge limestone rocks. The three most popular islands are Quezon Island, Governor's Island and Children's Island, but it is also worth to check out some neighboring islets like the Marcos Island especially if you want some piece of adventure in Hundred Islands. Apart from that, this island is also a good spot for snorkeling because of its rich marine life.

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Sipalay City Travel Guide, Itinerary and Budget

Sipalay is located about 200 kilometers both from Bacolod and Dumaguete City. Travel time is 3-4 hours. The remote town of Sipalay is surrounded by islets reminiscent that in Pangasinan, the Hundred Islands.

The main attraction here is diving because of its rich marine life. No wonder why most resorts here offer diving activities. Aside from diving, the major draw of tourist in Sipalay are the beaches. The beach has to be one of Negros best-kept secrets. Unlike other beaches, the sand is sugary white in appearance, hence got its name.

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