Budget Airlines at a Glance

Upon looking at the top ten list of carriers operating in the Philippines, the budget airlines have been ranked higher than Philippine Airlines, the longest running (and probably the most trustworthy) airline we have in the country. With the exception of delays, most of the carriers offer good services and are quite reliable in terms of getting you from A to point B without spending nearly as much as you would with PAL.

Though Parking4Less warns many travelers of the hidden fees that some budget carriers forget to mention, however the cost of the ticket shouldn’t be an issue as long as we read the fine print. Because the last thing anyone wants is to book a cheap flight and then incur a series of extra taxations they were unaware of when booking their tickets.

With all this in mind, here are a few airlines that you should consider flying with on your next trip:

Cebu Pacific Air

Since 1996, Cebu Pacific have flown more than 100 million passengers to 28 cities in 18 countries across Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, deeming them the dominant air cargo carrier in the Philippines due to its high flight frequency across the nation more than any other airline. Their “low fare, great value” strategy helped build their extensive network and led to a joint venture with Singapore’s TigerAir (now Ceb Go) so they could provide more travel options to customers.


While CEB’s national route network is impressive, AirAsia’s regional flight system tops all the budget airlines. Their no-frills business concept that gives travelers the option to pay for additional comforts has enabled them to fly 220 million passengers to more than 88 destinations. One of their partners is the flight comparison website Expedia, enabling travellers to book hotels and car rentals along with their flight.


The second oldest airline in the Philippines is also known for having the lowest fares to destinations such as Caticlan via Clark and Manila and to Puerto Princesa via Caticlan, as it was the pioneer for commercial flights to Caticlan. In the past when travelers wanted to explore the remote areas, South East Asia Airlines was their carrier of choice as they supplied the country with years of uninterrupted services to the most secluded of areas.