Mt. Kan-irag (Sirao Peak) Day Trek

This adventurous trekking from sitio Budlaan in Talamban, Cebu happened last year in preparation for our Major Climb in Mt. Kanlaon. Mt. Kan-irag or Sirao Peak stands more or less 700+ meters above sea level and this is one of the mountain in Cebu that is very accessible from the city. I have trekked this mountain for a couple of times and never get bored of conquering this mountain again and again. Personally, I think Sirao Peak has the most scenic trail amongst the mountains in Cebu. From Budlaan you'll passed by cascading water falls and the highest is called Kabang Falls, but you've got to scramble boulders. Careful with your footing because a single mistake could brutally injure you because the rocks are solid and sharp. Apart from the waterfalls, the trail is also adorned with flowering plants especially during the months of October where the flowers started to blossom. Note: avoid taking pictures of the flowers with a flash.

The group rendezvoused at Banilad Town Centre and buy some supplies that we will be needing in case that we opted to camp at Sirao Peak or at Swiss Chalet which is located near Mountain View. From BTC, we ride a Talamban bound jeep and alight at Sunny Hills Subdivision where most habal-habal that could take us to sitio Budlaan the jump-off point to Sirao Peak.

Thirty minutes from the jump-off point, we reached the waterfalls of Budlaan. Kabang waterfalls still look the same, but the water flowing is getting lesser and lesser compared to the first time I visited Budlaan falls. Few more kilometers from the falls, we took a few minutes of break for lunch to recuperate from the stressful scrambling of boulders and the loose soil of Sirao. It was drizzling the whole time and the five of use were wet and mud were artfully painted on our clothes and skin. When we reached the peak of Sirao, a bone-chilling winds and a thick fog enveloped the entire peak. We even had a hard time in searching for the right trail. Camping at Sirao Peak at this condition is not possible so we decided to go down and traversed to Mt. Babag and campout at Swiss Chalet. Here is my journal about our Mt. Babag climb.