Hundred Islands: Travel Itinerary, Guide and Budget

Hundred islands is the most popular tourist destination in Pangasinan. This small national park contains 123 islands during high tide and 124 islands on low tide, but some of these islands are just huge limestone rocks. The three most popular islands are Quezon Island, Governor's Island and Children's Island, but it is also worth to check out some neighboring islets like the Marcos Island especially if you want some piece of adventure in Hundred Islands. Apart from that, this island is also a good spot for snorkeling because of its rich marine life.

While we were hopping from one island to the other, we are also scouting for possible island that we can possibly camp out. We saw this small islet just beside the Governor's island and we thought that this would be the perfect island for us because of its shoreline (some islands doesn't have shore). Added to that is the cave where we can shelter in case of a heavy downpour.

Immediately we pitched our lonesome tent, cook for dinner and then boozing all throughout the night. Since the tent that was assigned to use does not have a fly sheet, we drag the tent inside the cave only to found out that someone is already residing inside the cave before us. The next thing I saw was my friends running towards the exit of the cave screaming that they saw something inside the cave. So we asked Manong boatman to check it and a huge snake like 2-3 feet in length was crawling in front of us. I can't imagine me sleeping beside a snake...that idea is creepy!

September is not really a good month to visit Hundred Islands because it was raining from the time we arrived in Manila and even grew stronger while we were camping in the island. It was a very cold night and some of us were just sleeping ashore (drunk), thanks to liquors which keeps our body warm despite that some were "shelterless" all throughout the night. Alcohol has a good effect after all.

How to get to Hundred Islands:

Hundred Islands is approximately 4-5 hours from Manila by public transportation. Victory Liner, Dagupan Bus and FIve Star buses have daily buses to and from Cubao and Pasay in Manila (less than PHP500 as of September 2012). Drop off point would be at Alaminos Terminal. The terminal is just a few meters from the market where you can buy your goods in the event you decided to camp or stay overnight in one of the 124 islands. Jump off point for Hundred Islands tour is at Barangay Lucap, so one need to take a trike either from the bus terminal or at the public market and fare is PHP20 per person. Submit yourself at the tourism office for registration and for motorboat rental, as well as rental for your camping and swimming gears.

Note: If you are camping in one of the island, make sure to inform your boatman as to the time you want to get fetch the following day.

Relative distances from major cities in the North: Alaminos, Pangasinan is 1 hour from Dagupan City, and 3 hours from La Union and Baguio so be guided accordingly so that you can estimate your time of arrival and perhaps adjust your itinerary if needed. Major banks like Equitable PCI, BPI and Metro Bank have ATMs in Alaminos, and there are also couple of internet cafes.

Here are the latest rate for motorboat rental for island hopping in Hundred Islands:

Boat Size Day Tour Overnight
Small (1-5 persons) PHP800 PHP1400
Medium (6-10 persons) PHP1000 PHP1800
Large Boat (11-15 persons) PHP1100 PHP2000

All motorboat ferrying guest to the island is run by a cooperative association and a standardized rate for the motorboat rental was set and and as follows:

Note: For Day tour PHP20 per head is collected as an entrance fee and those prefer camping or staying a night at their preferred island (Quezon, Governor or Children's Island) needs to pay an entrance fee of PHP40 per head. Children age 5 and below are free from entrance fee, while senior citizens are given 20% off. Tents can be rented at their tourism office. Other expenses includes camping fee of PHP200, tent rental at PHP400 depending on the size and snorkeling gears for PHP100.

Accommodation in Hundred Islands

For your accommodation, there are rooms built within the 3 major islands namely Governor's Island, Children's Island and Quezon Island. There are nipa huts at Children's Island where you can rent for as low as PHP650, however, this huts does not have any source of electricity. At Governor's Island there is a guesthouse which you can rent for PHP2200 that can accommodate 6-8 persons with electricity. A more luxurious accommodation is at the Quezon Island where the famous PBB House was built and can be rented overnight for PHP10000. You have to make reservations and pay at the Hundred Islands National Park office in Lucap. There are much cheaper accommodation at the mainland particularly in Lucap just inquire at the tourism office.

For more information you may contact the following:

  • Hundred Islands National Park +630755512505
  • Tourism Office +630755512145
  • Information Office +630755512249
  • Philippine National Police +630755515749
  • Public Order Safety Office +630755512530