Where to Find the Best Beaches in Cebu

Beach bummers are perpetually searching for the perfect beach to loaf around. What makes the beach perfect? Well, that can be vary from one person to the other. Some prefer beach with a long stretch of powdery white sand and a crystal clear water. While other prefer a secluded/virgin beach (no any form establishment) where you can do anything you wanted to without worrying that somebody or someone is looking at you. With those in mind, I have here listed the top 10 best beaches in Cebu.This list is in no particular order.

1. Santiago Beach

The vast fine sands of Camotes Island that stretches for about 100 meters during low tide entices beach bummers in visiting Santiago White Beach. This gorgeous beach is located in San Francisco Camotes, Island about 30 minutes from Consuelo port. There are huts/cottages that can be rented for as low as 500 pesos for an overnight stay. The only downside in Camotes Island is the schedule brownout and low signal coverage. Nevertheless, Santiago White Beach is still one of the best beaches Cebu should be proud of.

2. Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is the mecca of both foreign and local diving enthusiasts aiming to have a close encounter with thresher sharks. This is the only place in Cebu, perhaps the whole world that guarantee shark sighting usually before the crack of dawn. Also, Malapascua Island has one of the richest marine life in the country. This island is located in Northern Cebu, roughly four hours from Cebu North Bus Terminal.

3. Sugar Beach Bantayan

Sugar Beach in Santa Fe, Bantayan is the most favorited destination during Holy Week. The beauty of Sugar Beach is enhanced by the growing coconut trees scattered around the shore. Other interesting activities include island hopping, snorkeling, biking, and pigging out their sumptuous sea foods. Sugar Beach is just around 10 minutes from Bantayn Port. Accommodations here are the cheapest and camping is allowed with a minimum fee of 100 pesos.

4. Tingko Beach

Another gorgeous beach in Cebu that started to gain prominence is Tingko Beach of Alcoy, Cebu. This is the perfect place for beach goers who want to experience a short breather without having to shell out cash from your pockets. Alcoy is located in the southern part of Cebu, about two to three hours from the city. A beach bum can expect a crystal clear water and a long stretch of white sand that really entices any visitor for a swim.

5. Lambug Beach

Another not-so-popular-beach in the south of Cebu is the Lambug Beach in Badian. The beach is really awesome, virgin, unspoiled, fine sands and less crowd. What more can you ask for? The coconut trees along the shore added the beauty of this secluded beach. Since Lambug is a public beach, you can visit the beach without having to pay for entrance fee. Camping is allowed but a camp fee of 50 pesos is being collected.

6. Durhan White Beach

One of Cebu's finest beach destination is located in the quiet town of Tabuelan - the Durhan White Beach. This is worth checking in especially during high tides where its white sand and blue water mesmerizes any visitor. Also a good place to check near the area is the Molobolo Spring where fresh water meets salt water.

7. Hidden Beach

Aloguinsan is synonymous to Bojo River Cruise! Not known to many, Aloguinsan also has a beautiful beach (in its own right) that the municipality could be pruoud of. I am talking to no less than the Hidden Beach. As the name suggests, the beach is literally hidden and secluded. The road going to the beach is covered with grasses and there is no any sign that there is a beach nearby. So if you're looking for a beach that's not crowded, peaceful and quiet, head out to Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan!

8. BasDaku Moalboal

When it comes to Cebu Beaches, Moalboal would always be the beach someone would recommend. Bas Daku White Beach in Saavedra, Moalboal. The beach has a white sandy coastline that extends to about a kilometer, perfect for a summer getaway. The most favorite activities to do here are island hopping and snorkeling.

9. Dalaguete Beach Park

Dalaguete Beach Park is located within the boundary of Argao and Dalaguete which is sometimes called Arguete Beach Park. What make this beach stood out from the other best beaches in Cebu is its strong waves. Perfect spot for skimboarding! Overnight stay is not encouraged because there is not any source of light in the area, but permissible.

10. Carnasa Island

If you took an island hopping tour in Malapascua then possibly you have visited Carnasa Island. This island is under the jurisdiction of Daanbantayan, Cebu, approximately 3-4 hours from the City. Then another 2 hours via pumboat would bring you to this secluded island of Carnasa. Activities to enjoy here includes kite surrfing, snorkeling and camping. Like most beaches here in Cebu, Carnasa Island also offers and powdery white sand and blue water.

There you go! These are my personal choice for the best beaches in Cebu. Try to check out these uniquely beautiful beaches the next time you visited Cebu.