Bantay Abot Cave, Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

Bantay abot cave is not really a cave but a hill that was wrecked by an earthquake in the 80's leaving a hole in the middle. The top of the cave is covered with lush green vegetation thus adding the beauty of the cave. To get to the interior of the cave, one need to go down a few concrete staircase and a rocky part going up to the hole.

From the inside of the hole one can see the blue waters of Maira-ira beach or Blue Lagoon and on the other side of the hole is the Timangtang Rock - a bell-shaped rocked in the coast of Barangay Balaoi, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Apart from the view, one could also enjoy the melodious sound of the swallow birds chirping and the echoing waves as it hits the shore.

I asked Kuya Nelson if the hole was intentionally made by the locals, he said that it was purely natures creation, probably due to earthquake or strong waves that hit the hill. The levels of the water years ago could be high if this leads the formation of this hole because to date i noticed that the water is far from the hill and the waves could not almost reach the hill. Kuya Nelson added that there are times that the hole is totally closed, but i am not convinced.

The water surrounding the Bantay Abot Cave is not a good spot for swimming. The waves is too strong that could sweep you away towards the South China Sea. Maira-ira beach is the best place for swimming which is just a few kilometers from the cave.