Dahilayan Adventure Park - Asia's Longest Dual Zipline

Aside from being known as the home of the sweetest pineapple, Bukidnon also gained the title having the longest dual zipline in Asia with a length of 840 meters and elevation of 4500 feet above sea level.

It was already past 10 in the morning when I arrived in Cagayan de Oro from Camiguin. It was raining back then so I decided to just stay in my room and moved my trip to Dahilayan Adventure Park.

I woke up early and headed to Gusa Terminal where jeepneys bound to Camp Philips where stationed. Upon entering Camp Philips, you will see a huge pineapple statue as well as the Del Monte Pineapple manufacturing plant.

From Camp Philips, the Dahilayan Adventure Park is still 45 minutes away. The road going to the park is undeveloped so expect a dusty and rocky road but you will be amazed how vast the pineapple plantation in Bukidnon. You need not to worry of getting lost because there are markers that would lead you to Dahilayan.

There were only few guests when I arrived in the park so i roamed around and enjoy the view. The scenery is just so relaxing plus the pine trees looked very lovely.

I purchased the "all rides" which pegged 600 pesos. This is a combination of the 150, 320 and 840 meters ride. There were already five people (barkadas) queuing and I can see their excitement. At this moment I felt "OP" since I am just there alone and nobody to share the thrill with.

The 150 and 320 meter zipline was not really that thrilling because because aside from the length you are place in a sitting position. I would love to try this in an up-side-down position.

The final ride would be the 840 meters. A 4x4 vehicle will bring you to the launch tower. Prior to launching, the staff will brief or give you instructions about what you can and can not do. Bringing a camera is allowed just make sure that it is securely tied in your wrist.

Despite the fast speed of 90 kph, I make sure that my eyes are wide open to see the breathtaking scenery down below.

Dahilayan Adventure Park Rates

  • Zip Line – (Zip Zone Package: Includes 840m and 320m + 150m Zip Rides) php 600.00
  • ATV Tours – (20mins) php 400.00
  • Mini Boat Ski Ride – (15mins) php 200.00
  • Zorbit – (minimum of 2 persons) php400.00
  • Horseback Riding – php 200.00
  • (Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice)

For Bookings and Inquiries Contact: 0922 8801319/ 088 856 23 51 (local 503)