Interior Painting: Some Suggestions For The Best Painting

House Painting Broomfield

In this article, house painters Broomfield will explore the main types and solutions of interior paints, considering tastes and preferences between white walls or neutral colors and why not the desire to amaze with some super colored walls, choosing the color that best suits your furniture.

Interior Painting: Water-Based Paint, Lime Paints, And Enamels

It is precisely the breathability that makes the water-based wall paint for interiors perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, and rooms most subject to humidity; being permeable, the transpiring water-based paint allows humidity to pass through it, without causing damage.

There are different types: washable, breathable water-based paint, ceramic microspheres that increase resistance to atmospheric changes, anti-mold water-based paint, formulated with antimicrobial elements, and heat-insulating water-repellent paints, specific to avoid condensation points.

Interior Painting Broomfield

Finally, lime paints, once used only for decorative elements, have now been re-evaluated and enhanced with natural binders. They represent the green solution for painting walls.

A specific product widely used in Broomfield is water-repellent paints, which are very resistant to water and therefore prevent condensation. They are mainly used in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. These include resin painting for seamless walls.

Techniques For Painting The Walls Of The House

There are several interior wall painting techniques. All require that the surface on which they are spread is dry and smooth. If the painting is done on pre-existing tempera paints, it is necessary to remove the old product before applying the new one.

The most common is roller painting combined with a flat brush. It involves the simple application of the paint in several layers. If passed carefully, it is uniform and homogeneous. And with a special roller (with shapes and applications), you can also make themed prints. Alternatively, you can opt for spray painting with the use of a special compressed air gun. The color is smooth and uniform, but the product particles are released into the air, so you have to use some precautions. This is a great technique for large surfaces.

A completely smooth effect, even to the touch, is obtained with split painting. It is performed by applying the color with a metal or plastic spatula and is mainly used in environments with a classic character.

The painting with a cloth is carried out by applying the first coat of paint and tapping it subsequently with a balled and rag dipped in the same paint or a different color. It is part of the glazing painting techniques, such as the sponged effect painting done with a sponge. Finally, other techniques aim to give a decorative character to the walls; this is the case of the striped style obtained by scratching the surface with a spatula. Interestingly the effect of horizontal or vertical movement recalls the vintage style of the sixties and seventies.