Do You Want To Paint The House? Follow Our Tips To Spread Paint On Walls And Ceilings In A Few Simple Steps!

Painting A House In Broomfield CO

Do you have a new house to paint, walls to refresh, or a room to give a new light?

Home painting is undoubtedly a tiring job, but you will find that it is easier than you think with this guide. From the list of materials necessary for preparing the walls, find out how to paint your home in a practical and fast way.

Take Measurements

To whitewash the house, the first thing to do is to measure the walls of the rooms and all the walls you want to paint, paying particular attention to the walls’ height and width, the length and width of the floor corresponding to the ceiling.

Multiply everything by at least double to ensure a minimum of two paint coats, especially if you need to cover a dark color.

Don’t forget to subtract the surface of doors and windows!

Buy What You Need

To make sure the job is done well, you can’t ignore the use of professional products and painting tools! You will also need useful accessories to protect the floor, furniture, and yourself.

House Painting Tools Broomfield

Tools for painting

  • roller with extension or brush for large surfaces
  • small brush for corners, frames, and baseboards
  • paint bin
  • the bucket was to pour the color and, if necessary, dilute it
  • ladder
  • stick or wooden stick to mix the paint


  • adhesive paper tape for jambs and skirting boards
  • plastic sheets for furniture and floors
  • cardboard sheets
  • disposable gloves, mask, and overalls in TNT (Non-Woven Fabric) or comfortable clothes for work
  • shoe covers and / or nylon bags to be used to cover the upper and sole

Accessories for repairing holes or cracks

  • mortar or putty
  • trowel for handling and mixing the mortar
  • trowel to evenly spread the mortar on walls with large holes
  • sandpaper for smoothing dry grout or mortar

Prepare The House

Cover the floor and furniture with cellophane sheets and apply the masking tape to the baseboards and door and window jambs to avoid unwanted splashes. Remove switch and socket plates to ensure smudge-free paint across the entire wall.

Repair The Walls

If there are old nail holes or surface cracks in the plaster, you will need to level the walls’ surface before whitewashing the house.

To spread the color faster and more evenly, we recommend that you repair the wall’s imperfections to obtain a smooth wall on which you can slide the brush easily. Remove the nails from the walls, fill them with putty or mortar (take a small amount, fill the hole and then, with a spatula, a level well) and dry.

If your wall is prone to mold, now is a good time to get rid of it. Apply the appropriate solution and clean the surface to make it ready for the new whitening.…