Maravilla Beach Tabuelan

maravilla beach tabuelan
and the tradition continues...

we may not see each other that often, but when we do its just like the old times...

Our short jaunt to Tabuelan, that is in the northern side of Cebu last July 13-14, 2013 marks our 1st year of friendship, and as 'United Backpackers.' We were also there to celebrate Erchell's birthday. By the way, last year we celebrated his birthday in Tingko Beach of Alcoy.

Our first ever getaway was in Funtastic Island Medellin that was on the 1st day July 2012. It all started in an online forum and just decided to have a meet-up for us to know the real person behind their forum usernames. There was no awkward moments, in fact we felt that we've known each other even before we see each other. After our trip in Medellin, we always make sure that we will find time and wander around the province of Cebu. We have almost roamed every nook of the province may it be the beaches in Cebu or the mountains - been there! #BugiroRah. Our first outside province trip was in Pangasinan where we spent a night in one of the hundred islands and had a side-trip at the city of pines - Baguio City. Some also went to Mindanao last holy week, unfortunately I was not able to join that trip. Apart from that, we have also organized a tree planting at Buhisan Watershed Park in Toong, Cebu.

maravilla beach resort tabuelan
Enough of the flashback and lets go back to what this post is all about - Maravilla Beach in Tabuelan! If we speak of northern Cebu, the only thing I have in mind is Camotes and Bantayan as the best beach getaway. I first heard about this unspoiled beach in Maravilla Tabuelan from Mark's blog Triptabai. When I was informed by Steph that we will be spending Erchell's birthday at Maravilla Beach, I easily nodded even before I've checked my work schedule.

We rendezvoused at Cebu North Bus Terminal where we hop a van bound for Tuburan-Tabuelan. Just inform the driver that you will be heading to Maravilla Beach so that he can drop you at the junction from the hi-way going to the beach. Travel time is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours and fare is PHP150. I was not able to see any store or market near the beach where you can buy your supplies, so better buy your goodies/food in the city. There are only 1 room available (PHP600) and maybe less than 10 cottages.

It was already sunset when we arrived at the beach. What I like about this beach is its calm and solemn place because it is less crowded compare to some beaches in Cebu. The sand was really fine which really feels good in my feet and vast. Unfortunately, we were not able to taste the water in Maravilla Beach because it was low tide at that time. Immediately, we prepare our foods and pitch tents. In terms of safety, I can say that the place is safe because there are locals maybe barangay officials roaming around the beach and there are also post near the cottages.

Of course, a trip especially in the beach won't be complete without the booze. After dinner...well actually even before the dinner was served some of us started drinking 'Empi Lights' already. Anyways, we are in the beach and where else is the best place to get drunk - Beach!
Maravilla Beach Tabuelan
Photo Credits: FunkSean

Our restless feet aren't satisfied with just visiting Maravilla Beach. So we headed to the next municipality which is in Tuburan, where the famous Molobolo Spring and Marmol lies. Initially, we plan to visit Marmol , but since this include heavy trekking and we might not able to catch the last trip going back to Cebu, so we just decided to visit Molobolo Spring. Stay tuned for my next post which is about Molobolo spring.

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