Rancho Cancio Resort of Adlaon Farm, Busay

Rancho Cancio

Rancho Cancio is the perfect place for family or couples' short escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Honestly, this place is really unfamiliar to me and there's not a bunch of photos or information found in Google when you try to search for Rancho Cancio. So there is no proof if its even worth the visit considering  that it is located in brgy. Adlaon, Busay, Cebu, a mountainous and remote area of Cebu province.

Rancho Cancio
Rancho Cancio is a privately owned rest house and was just recently opened to public, but one need a reservation or at least contacted the owner beforehand. The minimum number of guests for an overnight stay is 10 and the maximum is 22 guests. The resort served breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for PHP250 per meal. They not only served Filipino foods, but as well as some international cuisine. Upon booking, the management will give you set of menu to choose from. You can also bring your own food, but of course with additional charges. For accommodation, their standard rate is PHP650 per person. For this rate, you'll get to experience nature at its best and you can use their infinity pool and there is a billiard table in the basement.

Rancho CancioThere is no public vehicle that can take you directly to Rancho Cancio. The trip could take approximately 45 minute from JY Square. The family rented a vhire for this trip, and unfortunately the driver is also not familiar with the place and have to make some stop to ask for directions. For a detailed guide or instruction on how to go to Rancho Cancio, it would be best to ask it from the owner. For the number please drop me a message so that I can give it to you as the owner does not want his number to be placed on public.

Too bad I was not able to see this place when my family had a short escape here. The picture really shows how beautiful and lovely the place is. Kudos to the architect who designed the house. It is simply amazing and just by looking at the picture it made me feel that I am in a foreign place. The infinity pool with the mountains as backdrop makes this place a perfect destination/getaway.

Indeed Rancho Cancio is a perfect for family gathering, team building, summer getaway or just to escape from your busy life and experience the best of nature. I will be looking forward to the day that my restless feet will bring here.

Update as of August 07, 2012: All weekends are currently booked and the owner (Sir Mark) have to turn down bookings or inquiries. Please utilize my Facebook fan page if you want to get Sir Marks number for booking or reservation.

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