Tinago River of Surigao del Sur

Tinago River Surigao
At the mouth of the Enchanted River, there are several small wooden vessels that can take you to an island hopping. An hourly rate for this activity is 160 pesos and each vessel can accommodate 4 persons. We passed by two beach resorts - the Ave Maria Beach Resort and Margarett Peak Island Resort where there is a viewpoint atop the mountain. Another interesting part of the island hopping is passing the Sarsoza, Punta Cave or Grotto where a huge statue of Mama Mary stands at the entrance of the cave. At the time of our visit, cave exploration was not permitted because they lack the safety gears but once they had the necessary equipment the cave will be open for tours.

Tinago River Surigao
We did not spend much of our time in Punta Cave and immediately navigated Tinago River. Tinago is a Visayan word which means Hidden. A noticeable characteristic of Tinago River is its greenish water. Probably due to reflection of the trees that surrounded the river. It was really scary to go deep down the river boarding a small wooden vessel because who knows there is a crocodile living in the river. To feel at ease we ask the boat man if there is a crocodile existed in the river, and he said that there is none.

Tinago River Surigao

As we enter the inner part of the river, we passed by a couple of islets that is filled with coconut trees at the center. I can really say that Tinago River is unexploited and all you can see are verdant green trees and mountains. We also passed by stilt houses piled ashore and some fishermen waiting for their catch.

Tinago River Surigao

Before we head back to Enchanted River, we dropped by Sibadan Fish Cage for a sumptuous lunch. There is a huge aquarium here were fishes are farmed. What made Sibadan an attractive one is that you can swim with the fishes at the aquarium and that is you do not mind swimming with them. The pawikan can no longer be found here because it was already surrendered to BFAR.

So if you happen to visit Surigao del Sur, make sure to include Tinago River in your itinerary.  

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