Climbing Pico de Loro | Mt. Palay-Palay

Pico de Loro Cavite
Reaching the peak of Pico de Loro is a dream that I never thought would be realized that early. Since last year, I have been planning of climbing Pico de Loro but I just can't find someone who is familiar with the trail. Then I met Tonics in Sagada who is also a mountaineer. He had climb Pico de Loro before but he never reached the Parrot's Beak.

Pico de Loro Cavite

We then exchanged messages in Facebook and then set the date for the climb. I though that the group is just composed of 10 trekkers and I was surprised when he said that there will be 30 joining the climb. This would be the first official climb of the new mountaineering group "ASCEND" - outdoor group of Ingram Micro.

Pico de Loro Cavite
As early as 6 o'clock in the morning, I was already in Manila. Being new to Manila, I contacted Tonics to ask for direction in going to McKinley Hill where I will meet him and the rest of the group excluding Philip and Macky (also I met in Sagada) who were based in Cavite. Then finally, I met the group and try to get acquainted each of them.

Pico de Loro Cavite
From McKinley Hill, we traveled to Baclaran where we hire a jeep bound to Ternate, Cavite. We paid 180 pesos for one way transportation from Baclaran to Cavite. It was almost 1 o'clock when we arrived at the Ranger Station. After we settled the 20 pesos registration fee, we immediately commenced our trekking, fearing that darkness would already engulfed the surroundings before we reached the camp site.

At the beginning, the trail was relatively easy and we were still able to make fun with each other. But as we go deeper and deeper into the mountain, the trail became steep delaying our trekking time since we have take a break to regain strength and energy.

Pico de Loro Cavite
The trail going to the peak of Pico de Loro is easy to follow because there were trail signs and ribbons knotted on tress. Also you can find forks created by trekkers who were ahead of us. Just be keen in noticing these signs to avoid getting lost.

After the almost 5 hours of trekking, we finally reached the camp site. There were already few campers pitching their tents and if i am not mistaken we were the 5th. Since its almost getting dark, we hurriedly climbed up to the second summit were the famous Parot's Beak is located. At the top, you can see a 360 view with the Pico de Loro cove as backdrop.
Pico de Loro Cavite
Getting to the second summit is more technical and difficult but the view is more rewarding than the first summit. To be able to maintain my balance, i need to use my upper limbs and at times hang onto the grasses - steep slope, strong winds plus a slippery trail were the obstacles we need to surpassed to reach the summit.

I reserved climbing the Parrot's beak the next time i will scale this beautiful mountain.

Pico de Loro Cavite
As early as 10 o'clock in the morning, we were already preparing for our descent. Also i need to catch my flight back to Cebu at 6PM. We made a detour at this small waterfalls to clean ourselves and relax our trembling knees.

At 2 in the afternoon the first group were already at the ranger station but the second group was far behind us. The initial plan is that we will go back to Manila ahead of them to catch my flight but we cannot do it because "Niche" - who was with us was bringing money. At this point, I can feel that my vacation will be extended which I could not afford because I have a flight to Cagayan de Oro the first thing in the morning. 

After a few more minutes of waiting, the second group arrived and immediately settled our budget. At 3PM we were off to Manila on an amazing race pace. My mates were even making fun of me expressing that they are willing to adopt me in case that I failed to catch my flight. At that moment I only hoped that we wont be caught by heavy traffic and reached the airport on time. 

Fastforward - Luckily, I arrived at the airport on time, checked in and prepare for boarding. Then while relaxing at the pre-departure area, I suddenly heard an announcement notifying the passengers bound for Cebu that our flight would be delayed. :)

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11 What is your take?:

Congrats sa climb sir! Ganda ng mga photos mo, na-miss ko tuloy ang Pico :-)

Ha! Glad you were able to catch your flight back to Cebu. I would definitely come back and trek Pico de Loro in the future.

@Mach actually i have ample of time pa para mag relax sa airport kasi na delayed yung flight. Hindi ako makakasama sa "Buntot Palos" nyo...

ooh, ndi ko pa narating ang beak or the falls. The traverse to Nasugbu is also remarkable! Try it next time :) Congrats sa climb :)

@Christine: actually mag ta traverse sana kami kaso parang hindi na aabot sa oras. i have to catch flight pa kasi d following day. next time climb natin yung beak.

ang astig! andame niyong umakyat.. e di ang saya saya..

sir ganu katagal bago ma reach ung peak?kaya ba ng 1day climb saka pagbaba to?thnx...firt timer lang!

yup kayang e dayhike lang ang Pico de Loro.

sir/ma'am paano po yung pinaka cheapest easiest way punta ng pico de loro? mina fom QC 09196225757

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