Breaking My Habit of Solo Traveling

Since i was bitten by travel bug, I've been traveling solo. The experience of traveling alone in an unfamiliar place was just too liberating for me and at the same time addictive. I felt that I could enjoy the place more when I'm all by myself than being in a group. Of course traveling alone is not for fainthearted because everything will be your responsibility. Honestly, i was very apprehensive and scared during my first solo trip because i do not know whats going to happen while I'm out there. I felt walking naked and vulnerable of getting fooled and deceived. What if i got lost, what if i got injured, what if i run out of money and etc. were some of the questions i had in mind prior to embarking this solo trip.


For some, traveling alone is boring because you have no one to share the experience and thrill with. I admit that there are times when i get bored but i would say that being alone inevitably leads you to more communication with the locals unknown to you or other solo travelers like you. I used to be a introvert type of person but my traveling solo developed my interpersonal skills and i learned to interact with other groups.

Probably one of the reason i am traveling solo is my being impatient. It is just a waist of time waiting for my companion or companions while bathing, dressing, eating and etc. Solo traveling gave me a total control of my time and choice. I can go wherever i want, eat whatever i like and not have to consider others.

I only have vague plans beforehand when i travel. I am not the type of person traveling with a fixed itinerary. Usually i consult the locals regarding the place worth to be visited in their locality which may lead to visiting sights that are off the beaten track. However, there are times that the locals themselves does not know much of their place.

Things to remember when traveling alone:

1. Don't travel completely alone. Always bring your cellphones with emergency contact numbers stored in it. Also update you family from time to time about your situation.

2. Don't leave the house without informing your family as to where you are going and how long you will be gone.

3. Bring sufficient amount of money. Remember you are traveling alone and there would be no one backing you up when you run out of money. When traveling abroad, always make sure you have reliable credit and debit cards.

4. Don't pack too much. Traveling with more than one bag is just a hassle and expensive. Believed me, you won't be using everything inside your bag.

5. When transferring from one location to another, make sure you arrived while the sun is still up. Arriving when its already dark will make you more of a target. Its also dangerous to travel at night.

my travel buddies in Sagada

Much has bee said about my take on solo traveling. My habit of solo traveling was broken during my recent trip to Sagada where i met fellow travelers. Next time i will be posting about my first travel experience with companions.

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8 What is your take?:

I don't travel alone. Praning lang talaga ako.. But I've always wanted to. Para walang hassle, walang iintindihin sa lakad kundi ang sarili.

But then, travelling with some friends is great fun! Dami mong kakwentuhan habang nagbabyahe, dami ring kashare sa mga fees. hehe.. and of course, there's someone who can carry your luggage. LOL.. joke.

Those are great tips. Tama.. never pack too much. May kasama ka man o wala. :)

thanks for the tips. I haven't tried solo traveling, but i would like to try it out someday. I think, there's something mysterious in getting lost and finding one's way back again.

Hiya! I have friends here who travel alone & for the same reasons. But you're right, it may not be for everyone. Great tips by the way =)

Hey, where are the pics =(
Thanks for dropping by my blog =)

i update my twitter and fb status often whenever i travel so that everyone know where am i... so kung anu man mangyari when i'm traveling alone, alam nila kung asan ako...

I like it when the first sentence on a post catches my attention and this post did that to me.

I dream of travelling solo, but i think I can't do that anymore because my fiancee won't let me. He's worried that I might not come home alive. lol. I should have done it when I was still single. Lucky you can do it and I really love reading your experience travelling alone. Thanks for the tips.. Those are really helpful, I'll keep that in mind in case I was given a chance to travel solo.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and comment. :) I followed you btw. :)

most of the time i travel alone...i

i don't like bringing many bags with me when i'm traveling kakahassle nga!

There are certain trips that are more fun when you're with other people (not to mention cheaper). I miss traveling with friends... And I also miss traveling solo.

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