Ilocos Sur Itinerary - 3D/2N Tour in Vigan, Bantay, and Sta. Maria

I was supposed to visit Vigan just to see the Heritage Village and take photos of it; however, i found out there are still lots of beautiful spots in Vigan that is worth visited. So my supposed day tour turned into a 3 days and 2 night much longer than my stay in Ilocos Norte.

The sun was already setting when i arrived in Vigan and i still have to find descent place to stay. Basing on my Lonely Planet guide book, Vigan Hotel which is located in Burgos street has the cheapest price. The hotel is also a walking distance from the Heritage Village and Plazas. Places i visited in Ilocos Norte includes the Heritage Village, St. Augustine Parish Church in Bantay, Ilocos Sur, and one of the baroque churches in the Philippines, Santa Maria Church.

Here is my 3D/2N Ilocos Sur Itinerary:
Day 01:
3:00 - Bus ride to Vigan from Batac, Ilocos Norte - 80 pesos
5:30 - Arrival in Vigan. Bus stop near the St. Paul's Cathedral Walk to Vigan Hotel and check in - 395 pesos per night
6:00 - Walking tour at Heritage Village. Photo ops.
7:00 - Dinner - free (i have extra foods from my lunch at Herrencia Cafe) 8:00 - First night at Ilocos Sur

Day 2:
7:00 - Breakfast - free (skyflakes which i bought at Dau Terminal and there is a free cofee in Vigan Hotel. 8:00 - Walk to Bantay, Ilocos Sur 8:30 - Reach St. Augustine Parish Church in Bantay, Ilocos Sur - 20 pesos donation
9:30 - Ride southbound buses and drop off at Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur - 50 pesos minimu fare for buses. 10:45 - Arrival at Santa Maria Church Ride trike going to Santa Maria Church - 20 pesos 10:50 - Santa Maria Church sightseeing and photo ops.
11:20 - Bus ride going to Vigan - 40 pesos
12:45 - Lunch at Jolibee - 153 pesos.
1:30 - Walking tour. (Heritage Village, Plaza Burgos, Plaza Salcedo, St. Paul's Cathedral)
4:00 - Back to Vigan Hotel and rest.
6:00 - Dinner again at Jollibee - 130 pesos. 11:00 - Sleeping (waited for the Cebu Pacific 11 fare)

Day 3:
8:00 - Breakfast at Jollibee (for the 3rd time) - 97 pesos
8:30 - Ride trike going to Partas Bus Terminal, stationed near Vigan Public Market - 20 pesos
9:00 - Ride bus bound to Dau Terminal - 485 pesos.
6:45 - Arrival in Dau. Bought water - 15 pesos
7:00 - Ride shuttle going to Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) - 100 pesos
7:45 - Arrival in Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA). Cheked in and paid 150 pesos terminal fee 8:15 - Boarding time 10:00 - Arrived home and have dinner.

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