Tinago Falls of Iligan City


I spent my last day in Northern Mindanao exploring the city of majestic waterfalls - Iligan. There are about 20 waterfalls in the city and due to limited time, i only managed to to visit the Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls because of their proximity. Both were located in barangay Buru-un. Tinago is a Filipino word for "hidden" because this majestic falls is being hidden in a deep ravine.


The falls is indeed hidden because you have to go through a grueling trek down a plight of stairs composed of uneven 365 stairway steps, with only bamboo poles as hand bars. According to the youngsters in the area, the falls is also accessible on the other side but brace yourself because you will be going down a 500+ winding staircase. Once you see the falls face-to-face, all the exhaustion and muscle pain will be easily forgotten. You will be marveled at her beauty. The waters were cascading beautifully into a blue-colored like lagoon.

This is the best waterfalls I've seen so far.


According to the legend, there was once a powerful sultan with a pregnant wife who became selfish about the kingdom that they had. One day, an enchantress approached the sultan's wife seeking for help but only got rejection. So the enchantress cursed the sultan and the wife to have an ugly child. The couple just ignored the curse however it came true. To avoid humiliation of having an ugly child, they decided to hid the child inside a cave. The child was named "Tin-Ag" which means hidden face. When the child grew up, she wandered out of the cave and discovered the beauty of nature. The enchantress chance upon her and offered to make her beautiful that people will admire. When she accepted the offer, the enchantress turned her into a beautiful falls and named after Tin-Ag who in the future became the Tinago Falls.

Getting there:
From Cagayan de Oro ride a jeep bound to Bulua and your drop off point would be the West Bound Terminal. Then in the terminal there are buses (Rural Transit) plying to Iligan.

From the Iligan Terminal ride a multicab going to city proper where you can take Buru-un route jeepney. Tell the driver to drop you off at the Buru-un market. Tinago falls is only accessible by motorcycle. Get a habal-habal and fare should be 150 pesos two-way.

CDO - Westbound Terminal - 10 pesos
Westbound Terminal to Iligan (2 hrs) - 115 pesos
Iligan Terminal to City Proper - 7 pesos
City Proper to Buru-un - 12 pesos
No entrance fee just donation

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1 What is your take?:

i've been there 6 years ago, and you are right. That the best fall i ever seen. all the slippery stairs going down is really difficult but if u see the fall u will just amazed and forget the tirednss going down.

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