Lignon Hill Nature Park in Legaspi, Albay

On my first day in Legaspi, i woke up early hoping to see Mt. Mayon in its full grandeur. As early as 6 in the morning i am already pumped up to start my excursion. I headed directly to Lignon Hill Nature Park not only to see the beauty of Mayon Volcano but also to see the 360 degree panoramic view of Legaspi City.

Lignon Hill

Since its still early i decided to walk all the way up the hill. Trekking the long and steep winding road of the Lignon Hill is not that easy especially that i am still recovering from my shin bone injury after running my first full marathon.

Lignon Hill

Aside from seeing the spectacular view of Mt. Mayon as well as the City, Lignon Hill also offers adventure activities like ziplining and rapelling. And as you go up to the summit, you will pass by the Japanese Tunnel which was used as a storage area for ammunitions during the World War II.

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